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Antaeus travel services

Due to its specialization in shipping services, Antaeus Travel is considered to be a pioneer in this field. Today, with a clientele of almost 100 marine companies, Antaeus Travel is leading the shipping travel market, operating offices in countries & locations that are crucial to the multinational shipping & offshore industry, thus providing global travel solutions &, at the same time, creating room for local customization by understanding local cultures, speaking the national languages & having the necessary relationships with regional suppliers.

Antaeus Travel operates shipping & offshore companies, having access to accurate, transparent & fully consolidated data that is crucial in managing the costs of their replacements. Our reporting tools have been developed to provide every customer with a complete breakdown of the amounts spent while travelling. Our reports can be used for various purposes, such as supplier negotiations & monitoring with your travel policies & budgeting.

Having collaboration with some of the largest airlines all over the world Antaeus Travel makes low & competitive prices & high availability rates possible, not only for seamen but for the complete range of professionals involved in shipping. Pricing control is activated in all three Antaeus Travel offices ensuring success in locating the best offer.

We support VISA & travel documents issuing for all marine personnel, by acting fast & effectively & by removing the administrative hurdles around making travel arrangements. We reduce the time needed to manage crew replacements, mitigate errors & improve efficiency.

Furthermore, Antaeus Travel understands the challenges of moving offshore crew, support personnel, experts & management around the world & can provide safe, fast & efficient travel options for companies in the energy sector.

S.IN.OP.SYS (Simple Innovative Operating System) is set up in such a way that it can easily be integrated in all existing crew-planning software without a long & complex implementation period. S.IN.OP.SYS enables crew managers to place booking requests completely automatically.

  • Results in time savings of >30% on processing travel requests
  • Contributes to the reduction of ship-owner costs
  • Supports performance & competence management
  • Allows fast crew scheduling & crew replacement
  • Enables the monitoring of pre-agreed service levels