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Our dream is to keep evolving in order to better serve your travelling needs.

Antaeus travel company

Antaeus Travel focuses on delivering turnkey travel solutions that truly support contemporary travel needs, both on corporate & individual levels. Aiming to constantly keep up with global developments in the tourism field & to serve customers in the most constructive & resourceful way, Antaeus Travel employs a wide range of innovative services, with consistent service levels across the globe.

The company’s specialization in business & marine travel, which has established the Antaeus name as a leader in the field, stands out for its proficiency, up-to-date managing tools & cost effective technology, always achieving the quality levels of its customers & seeing to it, so that their colleagues can travel safely & arrive on time.

In addition, Antaeus Travel excels in offering tailor made & perfectly fitted exclusive packages & solutions for every need & desire, such as cruises, yacht rentals & famous events, clearly differentiating its line of work from that of its competitors & away from one-fits-all alternatives.